The Craniosacral Stillroom

by Diana Abbott


Achieve your Optimum Health With Craniosacral Therapy

About Me

I am Diana Abbott and I am qualified in Craniosacral therapy and the Perrin Technique for CFS/ME as well as aromatherapy, massage and lymphatic drainage.

I have had my own practice in north-west London since 2006, helping people with an enormous range of conditions – usually problems that their own doctors have been unsuccessful with. I believe that my own life’s path, with its many challenges (including a difficult birth, lifelong chronic back pain and Chronic Fatigue) has helped me to empathise with, and help my patients (as well as being living proof as to the efficacy of this type of therapy).

I believe that our bodies function best when in a balanced and relaxed state. However when part of the body is altered through physical trauma, occupational strain, emotional stresses and even the trauma of birth itself, tensions are created and held in the body tissues, altering this balanced state. And because we are one holistic organism, these tensions and restrictions can lead to abnormalities in other parts of the body and are, I believe, the root cause of “dis-ease.  The body attempts to resolve these problems of disturbed function and quite often it succeeds, but on occasion it may need some external assistance to help its self-healing mechanism to resolve that tension, and bring the affected part back in sync with the whole.

I love my role as one such facilitator, using my sense of touch to palpate where the restrictions are, being guided by what I feel the body needs in order to resolve, with the minimum of interference or manipulation from me, and then marvelling at how clever our bodies are when I see the most extraordinary results. In fact I feel privileged working with my patients and seeing the magic of their body’s inherent wisdom at work.

I also love that Craniosacral therapy takes into account the whole individual, and that I need to keep in mind the whole picture in order to help with any specific condition.

What I’m trying to say is that I really enjoy that I treat the Individual and not the conditions, and have met many wonderful individuals in the process!