The Cranial Stillroom

by Diana Abbott


Discover how this profound yet gentle therapy will improve your

health and boost your vitality

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment which involves the light touch of the therapist’s hands. It works by the therapist identifying and releasing the tensions and restrictions held within the body, which, when left untreated, are the cause of ill-health and pain. By gently removing the subtle imbalances in the body, it succeeds where many others fail in healing a multitude of ailments. Craniosacral therapy can enable profoundly effective treatment of a wide range of conditions – from simple aches and pains to the most complex, chronic or persistent problems. Many conditions which conventional medicine finds difficult to treat, such as migraine, back problems, insomnia and asthma – to name but a few, may be successfully healed using this treatment, explaining the increasing popularity of this therapy and its well earned reputation for healing both body and mind.

Treatments are usually carried out with the client lying down, fully clothed in a quiet peaceful environment. The treatment is relaxing and pleasant, creating in the patient a sense of calm and pleasant feelings of warmth and well being. This gentle approach makes it suitable for all ages, from newborn babies, to the elderly, as well as acutely painful conditions; everyone can benefit from this gentle yet powerful treatment.

Craniosacral therapy is a client-led therapy where your body will set the pace of work so you remain comfortable, in control and able to integrate the changes that occur. 

It is often necessary to have a course of several treatments to allow the body to release the stresses and restrictions of many years of accumulated tensions, and gain the full benefits of this work. The primary objective of Craniosacral therapy is to create a robust and balanced state of health and well-being, strengthening your tolerance to future physical, emotional or mental pressures.

How Does It Work?

Ultimately, Craniosacral Therapy can be beneficial for almost any condition because it is essentially concerned with enhancing health, strength and vigour at the very core of our being. By stimulating the body’s own natural potential for health and equilibrium, it encourages the body to function at its optimum level.

During everyday life we encounter physical, mental and emotional stresses which impact on us by tensing and contracting our body’s tissues.  These tissues often remain contracted, holding on to the tensions, strains and traumas which have affected them. These restrictions impinge on the body’s balance and functioning. Over the years these restrictions accumulate in the body and will eventually lead to the development of health problems.

By working to release these restrictions, and by gently removing the subtle imbalances in the body, Craniosacral Therapy can restore proper function to the whole body-mind complex, eliminating both the symptoms and their underlying causes.

The craniosacral system starts at the cranium and ends at the sacrum, incorporating the entire Central Nervous System. It is the core of the human organism, and each organ, muscle and tissue in the body is linked to a precise area of the craniosacral system through its nerve pathway and associated fascial connections.

Treatment involves a very gentle touch of the practitioner’s hands, both for diagnosis and for treatment. By tuning in in this way, the practitioner can identify areas of restriction, compression or tension through the body which may be impeding proper function. These restrictions may be the result of injury, infection, inflammation, emotional tension or underlying pathologies. They may also be the result of the compressive pressures of the birth process.

Achieve your Optimum Health With Craniosacral Therapy