The Craniosacral Stillroom

by Diana Abbott


The Perrin Technique for CFS/ME

The Perrin Technique is a manual system of diagnosis and treatment that has helped hundreds of patients with CFS/ME, and has totally cured many since 1989.

Its effectiveness has been tested using two separate clinical trials. The first examined the change in the symptoms following a year of treatment. The second repeated the first study and used MRI scanning in order to examine further the possible mechanisms of the improvement.

How does it work?

Treatment involves weekly sessions of around half an hour, during which manual lymphatic drainage is used to encourage the lymphatic system to work more efficiently, and thereby help the body tissues get rid of toxins.  Cranio-sacral therapy is then used to help release toxins from the brain and central nervous system.

The patient is also given advice on how to help themselves improve their body’s health and function. This includes advice on how much they should be doing, advice on useful supplements, as well as a programme of daily exercises for the patient to do at home between treatments.

What Happens in the Initial Consultation?

You will have a comprehensive consultation which will last about 90 minutes. Firstly you will fill out a questionnaire detailing your main medical history, we will then discuss your case history and how the Perrin Technique can help. There will be an examination of your spine, abdomen, head and the lymphatics of the thorax which includes the breast tissue.  You will then be given advice on useful supplements, and go through a programme of daily exercises to do at home between treatments.

What Happens in the Treatment Sessions?

The treatments aim at manually stimulating the drainage of the offending toxins from the central nervous system with gentle stoking towards both collar bones where the lymph drains into larger veins, eventually reaching the liver. Here, the poisons are finally rendered harmless. Gentle manual treatment to the cranium and spine with relaxation of the surrounding muscles with specific lymphatic drainage techniques eventually improve the health and function of the body as a whole.

What’s the science behind the technique?

Raymond Perrin’s research at the University of Salford in conjunction with the University of Manchester, coupled with hundreds of successful clinical case studies and the latest findings in neurophysiology, has provided strong evidence that CFS/ME involves a disturbance of the drainage of toxins from the brain and muscles.

These poisons often enter the body in the form of viruses, bacteria and other microbes, parasitic infection or due to environmental toxins such as pesticides.

However many toxins are simply an overproduction of chemicals naturally produced within the body to help the immune system with fighting infections, inflammation and stress. Constant physical and emotional stress can lead to this type of overproduction. The excess of some toxins in the brain and spinal cord should drain out into the lymph vessels and be broken down by the body’s lymphatic system and the liver. CFS/ME patients have a reversed drainage that leads to toxins building up in the central nervous system causing a dysfunction of different parts of the brain and spinal cord. This explains the many different symptoms complained of by CFS/ME patients.

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