The Craniosacral Stillroom

by Diana Abbott


Who Can Benefit from Cranio-sacral Therapy?

Craniosacral Therapy can be useful in virtually any circumstance. It responds to each individual according to their specific needs, making a comprehensive assessment of their overall state and treating accordingly.

For Babies: Colic, ear infections, sleeplessness, hyperactivity, constant crying, head banging, difficulty in learning to walk, or more serious problems including Breech Delivery, Caesarean Section and the widespread effects of Birth Trauma.

For Children: To remedy the effects of knocks and falls - particularly head injuries. Also for childhood conditions such as asthma, tantrums, learning difficulties, behavioural disorders, tonsillitis, headaches, meningitis, ENT problems, the emotional problems encountered with the birth of younger siblings, recovery from illness, post-operative reintegration and orthodontic pain.

In Pregnancy: Problems during and after Pregnancy. To enable an easier, smoother, more comfortable pregnancy and birth, and create the optimum environment for the baby. It is also advisable to have post-natal treatment following the ordeal of giving birth.

For Adults: a comprehensive range of problems including;  migraine and headaches, back pain, neck pain, joint problems, insomnia, digestive disorders, IBS, Sciatica, frozen shoulder, menstrual pain,  stress and anxiety, depression, arthritis, RSI, unexplained pain, TMJ, low energy and ME, asthma, sinusitis, low immunity, drug withdrawal, emotional tensions, stress related symptoms, shock and trauma, post operative and reintegration after accidents, fall or injury.

For the Elderly: To help counteract the effects of a lifetime of accumulated stresses and strains, injuries and illnesses. Help with easing pain and mobility. Creating a more comfortable state with less need of medication with its unpleasant side-effects.

Achieve your Optimum Health With Craniosacral Therapy